Category: Indicators

Tick Rate Indicator

Ticks is a reserved word that represents the combined number of UpTicks and Downticks defined as the total of UpTicks and DownTicks. However, its definition can be altered by the chart settings as described in the TS Help file...

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RibbonsPlotter Indicator

RibbonsPlotter is a superindicator that plots a wide variety of ribbon or band functions on a chart from within a single indicator, similar to the chart below: Fig. 1. Bollinger Ribbons.  Centerline is AMA, deviation is StdDev...

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How To Erase a Plot

This screen shot shows the TypicalPrice indicator plotted on a daily chart. We are interested in having this indicator show on the most recent 10 bars of a chart (cyan), and erasing the indicator beyond the 10th bar (yellow)....

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