Mark Krisburg is an engineer who has been trading financial markets for the past 20 years. He traded futures contracts for several years but now focuses on equity trading. His favored style of trading is a swing trading system described under the Trading Techniques section of this site.

He is an experience commercial software developer and Tradestation Easylanguage programmer who makes much of his developmental code available to other traders free of charge.

Developmental code is designed to be versatile and flexible and allows a wide variety of scenarios to be simulated with a single multi-purpose function or indicator. This is most useful in the early design of strategies where the choice of function is facilitated by graphically displaying either multiple input parameters of a single function or indicator simultaneously, or multiple functions simultaneously. This allows several trading strategies to be evaluated via backtesting without the need to code each modification of a concept separately.

Living in northern San Diego since 1985, and relocating to Grand Forks ND in 2019, he is an active contributor to the Tradestation forums under the name MarkSanDiego and may be contacted at: