Position Indicator for RadarScreen

It is useful to identify your current positions among the stocks or ETF's you are monitoring in Radarscreen. This indicator, Position.RS, shows your account number, number of shares, average price paid, net gain %, net P/L ($), Total Cost and Market Value.

Position Indicator for RadarScreen

Fig. 1. Position Indicator for Radarscreen

The input parameters allow the user to specify the account number and also set the frequency in seconds that the position information will be updated (CalcSeconds).

For updating intraday, the formatting option box under the General tab called "Update value intra-bar (tick-by-tick)" should be checked.

Position Indicator Formatting Dialog Window


The ELD files for this RadarScreen indicator may be downloaded here:      Position.RS..zip

The downloaded file must be unzipped to reveal the ELD file contained within.

The code may be viewed here:      Position.RS.txt


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