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  1. How To Erase A Plot
  2. Average Dollars Traded Liquidity Indicator
  3. Position Indicator for RadarScreen
  4. RibbonsPlotter indicator
  5. Flexible Price Deviation Indicator/Function: FxDeviation
  6. User-Interactive Linear Regression Channel Indicator
  7. Flexible Trailing Stop Indicator
  8. Sharpe Ratio Indicator for Charts and Radarscreen
  9. TickRate (EL and OOEL versions) for Radarscreen
  10. Moving Average CrossOver for Charts and Radarscreen


  1. Semi-Automated Trend Line Trading Strategy
  2. Plotting Directly from Within Strategies
  3. Determining Which Order Executed
  4. A Flexible Trailing Stop Strategy
  5. Automated Recovery from Strartegy Re-Starts
  6. Order Logging using Object Oriented Programming
  7. Timer Delayed Steps Example Using Timer Object


  1. Upward Bias In Historical Data


  1. Bars displayed on a chart
  2. Bars displayed on a chart (Improved)
  3. Passing Many Parameters to a Function Efficiently
  4. Circular Index For Arrays
  5. Determining Which Order Executed
  6. Van K. Tharp's Expectancy function
  7. Van K. Tharp's System Quality Number
  8. Standard Deviation + Mean functions
  9. Loading Strategy Trades Into An Array
  10. A Flexible Trailing Stop Function
  11. LastBarOnChart Improved for BarType > 0 Charts
  12. Sharpe Ratio Function
  13. A Flexible Price Deviation Indicator/Function
  14. Optimization Pass Number Function
  15. Faster HighestFC and LowestFC Functions
  16. How To Determine Which Strategy Order Just Executed
  17. A Faster Linear Regression Algorithm

Trading Techniques

  1. Using Sharpe Ratio in Trading
  2. A Pull-Back Technique for Swing Trading
  3. Limit Stops Can Help Avoid Bad Fills

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